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Format Memory Cards for Proper Operation

AirStash Support
posted this on June 03, 2011 14:35

As of AirStash firmware version 3.1.1, released November 25, 2013, all SD memory cards from 2GB to 2TB are supported and do not require reformatting.   Check your firmware version in the app or browser Settings > About section.

Memory cards that are compliant with the SD Association (most all commercially available cards) are properly pre-formatted and are ready to use in AirStash A02.

If you have previously formatted a 64GB or 128GB card to work with with your AirStash prior to firmware release 3.1.1, please format the memory card using the SD Formatter.   With firmware 3.1.1+, the 4GB file size limit on AirStash is removed. This is automatic when using memory cards 64GB and larger.   Update of your AirStash to 3.1.1+ with a current working card is required before using these larger cards.

Firmware upgrade files and a link to upgrade instructions are available here :

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