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Transfer files from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch to AirStash

AirStash Support
posted this on May 16, 2011, 19:28

Files can be transferred from an iPad, iPhone, and an iPod touch to AirStash wirelessly. Note that Apple's iOS does not have a common file system, but files reside with their corresponding apps. Apple currently does not allow their Video or Music apps to transfer files.

One can transfer files to/from several compatible 3rd party apps. These apps must first be configured properly before allowing transfer to AirStash.

The current list of apps range from free to paid (there are more being added over time):

  • WebDav Navigator
  • iFiles
  • GoodReader

These apps are designed specifically for file transfers. They use a standard communications protocol called WebDAV that is used for file transfer.

To configure these apps, please follow the instructions here:

Once you have configured the app(s), you can transfer files after connecting your device to AirStash.

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